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The Call for the APTIS award for
'Great Pedagogical Project' is now open! 

Have you worked on a T&I project, or do you know of a T&I project that maximises student learning opportunities and promotes good pedagogical practices in T&I education? Whether big or small, nominate your own project or that of fellow APTIS T&I educators for this award!
The deadline for submissions is 18th September 2023.


We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2022 APTIS Awards:


Great Learning Gains

Alice Oram


Best Pedagogical Practice

Dr JC Penet and Dr María Fernández Parra


Great Engagement with Industry

Aoife Fitzgerald

Winner of the APTIS Award for Best Academic Performance 2021 :

William Vinter from the University of Leeds, with the dissertation
"Translation and Language Ideology in Imperial Japan".
William presents his work in the video below:
Red Carpet Event

Following a successful first call for the APTIS awards in 2021, the APTIS Awards Committee is delighted to announce the 2022 call for awards. Please note that we have introduced some new aspects following colleagues' feedback and our own experience. Innovations include a new category (Great Engagement with industry), later submission dates and scope for more than one submission per institution. Please read the guidelines of each award carefully. We look forward to receiving your submissions or those by students or graduates! The thee different categories running for 2022 are: 


APTIS AWARD 1 — Great Pedagogical Practice 

APTIS AWARD 2 — Great Learning Gains 

APTIS AWARD 3 — Great Engagement with industry

Please use the links below to access the guidelines and information for each award.

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