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APTIS 2019 Registration

To register for APTIS 2019, please follow four simple steps:

1) Check whether the institution you are working/studying at is a member of APTIS for 2019-20. You will find a list of member institutions for 2018-19 here. Ask your home institution's main APTIS rep about your institution's membership status for 2019-20;

2) Ask your institution to renew its membership for 2019-20 if applicable. You can find more information about joining or renewing your institution's APTIS membership here. You DO NOT have to be from an APTIS member institution to attend but membership status will have an impact on the conference fee you will pay;

3) Based on this, pre-register by completing this electronic form. Once you are done, choose one of the registration options from below and proceed to check out to complete your registration.

Please note that each APTIS member institution may send ONE representative for free to the annual conference. It is up to the member institution to decide who this will be. If this is your case, please fill in the form and make sure you indicate you are the free APTIS rep for APTIS 2019; you do not need to do anything else.

Registration closes on 3rd November 2019.

If you are using PayPal, please make sure you select 'Sending to a Friend'  when completing your payment. If you would rather use the Business feature to send your fee, please add £5.30 to the registration fee to process the Paypal costs.

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